Vanishing Inc.

A fiction story in development, through images and videos where the disappearance of three women took place 45 years ago. The material is trying to find clues through spaces and different times in an ambiguous order.

The three women

The three women

Where all started

Where all started


Body Monologue

Body Monologue is a dance project of Anastasia Valsamaki. First was staged this May at ARC Dance Festival in Athens.

The choreography shows gradually the metamorphosis of the human body. Begins with everyday moves and goes even further to a transformation into something else abstractive.

Like the form of words Into poetry.



Transitions is a study in photography between physical transitions from place to another, the route but also going even far from reality to memory and fiction whereas all are combined and omitted.

The transversal dimension of fiction fundamentally counters the principles of the world off attributes, logos, analytic expression, and rational thought with the characteristics of the world of the signs and symptoms, pathos, hieroglyphics , ideograms and phonetic writing. Where order has collapsed in states of the world, the viewpoint provides a formula which fiction can constitute and reconstitute a beginning of the world.
— Adrian Parr on Gilles Deleuze

Closed Window

closed window

Closed window was my graduation film from my film studies at Lykourgos Stavrakos Film School.

Sypnosis: Alexia tries to find her friend Anna on her phone. Something strange seems to happen about where is Anna and why she never answers the phone calls.

We only hear her answering machine. Alexia tries to cope wth that in her everyday life and finally after watching a film she decides to face Anna.

You can watch the film below: